The Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs constitutes a “National Authority” and body of the Hellenic Statistical System. It acknowledges the value of statistics as an indispensable part of the information system of a democratic society in the framework of the citizens’ indisputable right to public information, as well as the critical role of statistics in political analysis and well founded political decision making. The current webpage has been created towards this direction and while carrying on the project of digitization and upgrade of the quality of services provided to citizens, students and teachers. This webpage along with the open-data webpage aim at meeting the needs on grounds of statistical data for users from the public administration, research foundations, public and private organizations, media and in general from the business community and citizens. Furthermore, as it constitutes the main means of releasing statistical data for the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, it also aims at providing simultaneous, reliable and punctual statistical information to all users. 

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